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I am an intermediate-level crochet-er who has modified patterns. I am trying to crochet a hat for my husband, and am using a pattern for an adult hat. It is a double-crochet spiral pattern. I have gotten about half-way through the pattern twice, have found the hat to be too big, took out stitches, and […]

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O.k. i’m 14 years old and i need a hobby i already have video games, shooting, guitar, singing, robot building, and anime/manga(yes!). I took Japanese, and French, i took a cooking class, and a health class. I’m one year ahead in my classes so don’t say study. I took a fighting class (kendo,judo,etc). I play […]

I want to start up a shop on eBay with my friend. We want to sell crafts and such like paper crafts – but we're not really sure! Does anyone have any ideas for what we could sell? Thank you (: You could take a look at the craft section & see what sells well. […]

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