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I need bigger posts for scrapbooking. I dont like the extensions, they get week. Can you but larger posts at homedepot? I doubt it and I know I saw some somewhere – can't remember. Maybe

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Well, I guess, we all assume that gettingstarted in the dollhouse hobby isn’t hard at all. The truth is: things related to this hobby aren’t quite that easy! First of all, any new dollhouse enthusiast should know, that in the world of Miniature dollhouse accessories , things are different. It’s easy to maintain that you’ll […]

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Ahh, spring time is here, well okay, I guess living in San Diego it seems like it is always beautiful spring time weather.  What can I say? Being the owner of a San Diego window cleaning company has it advantages.  But just because the weather is perfect and delightful, does not mean we don’t get […]

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