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Garden know how is important when trying to get the most abundant bloom from your hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are difficult to prune. They are particular about what kind of soil and fertilizer they receive for bloom color. Hydrangeas can be extremely particular about the light conditions that they prefer.The following notes are meant to help guide […]

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Rubber Stamps have an interesting history for those who don’t know that they might have been inspired by dentures. Yes, it’s true: dental dentures!  But first, some background, as Charles Goodyear had to discover the process behind vulcanization.  This is the process of “curing” rubber such that it can be molded as needed.  Before Mr. […]

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Lots of people all over the world are learning how to make candles. There are all kinds of options from pillars to dipped tapers to votives, and all sorts of colors and scents. Choose from traditional paraffin, beeswax, or exotic waxes such as soy. Anyone can make a candle! You can make a whole range […]

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