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By Elizabeth Gibson As the leaves fall on a sunny autumn day, I am reminded of childhood moments watching maple seeds spin like a helicopter and fall to the ground. I don’t fully understand why, but there is a joyful feeling attached to those memories.   These moments of joy, once experienced, are imprinted in […]

artist Artists provide a window into their world through their artwork. From classic artists like Monet to abstract visionaries like Warhol, we look to these creative people for different perspectives on life. However, you don’t have to be a legend to enjoy painting. The stroke of a brush on canvas or paper can be a […]

Learn a new way of applying venetian plaster in this demonstration. By combining venetian plaster with with metallic paint your resulting finish will be unlike any other. Some of the characteristics of the materials involved can be unpredictable but with this DVD demonstration you will learn how to handle any unplanned mishaps that are inevitable. […]

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