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Mollie E asked: I found a baby bird in a bush in a nest with three others.I watched for a few minutes around twenty, and the mom hasn’t come back. Can i feed it a worm, or will it choke?

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LiiSsY asked: I was just in the garden I listened to the birds and they all sounded different. Each species had an individual tune. How does that work. I watched them and all they did was open there beaks and these different sounds came out. How? Do they just sing and the voice box automaticly […]

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amandac asked: i live in london and would like bird watching. problem is- don’t have a good pair of binoculars. where can i get them from? and what are the suitable lens dimensions? would a pair of binoculars meant to watch birds with, also be suitable for a bit of amateur star-gazing?

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