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Guitar or Piano Lessons for Homeschooling   This is so great, I just found a course with all the things homeschool teachers need for them to be able to include guitar lessons or piano lessons as part of their curriculum.     The course – Learn and Master Guitar Homeschool Student Edition – was created by […]

acoustic guitar Guitars have a hidden feature, a secret that requires attention and no ones thinks about it when they should. Guitar strings seem to pose as the elephant in the room. Many people polish their guitars, tune their guitars, and treat their guitars with complete respect. However, even the people who hold their guitars […]

Playing a musical instrument, such as the guitar is a great hobby. Some people get good enough to be a professional (turning their hobby into their career). But most guitar players are happy to stay an amateur and just enjoy learning and playing.   Learning to play guitar is a lot of fun, whether you […]

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