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The merits of arts and crafts such as drawing and coloring for kids are regularly argued by child development experts, educators and parents alike… especially so for the real impact they have on child development. However, it is difficult to disagree with the top three reasons why we should all encourage the children in our […]

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A hobby is a pleasant activity which people love to do in spare time. It is delightful and gives full satisfaction. It is just a fun time activity for some one and complete devotion for others. If you concentrate your full time in practising a hobby, it makes you perfect in that field. It enhances […]

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To make a Christmas scene on paper with Father Christmas involves drawing a rooftop scene, adding star stickers in the sky, cutting two slits in the sky and attaching a small drawing of Father Christmas riding across the sky. Create a holiday scene out of paper and markers with a demonstration from an experienced primary […]

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