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Wedding Crafts Ideas for Saving Money   Hi, My name is Teresa Surrency and I love arts and crafts.Why are wedding crafts so fun? It is because you are getting so involved in the creation of your wedding decorations. Your friends and family will also be glad to get involved which make for great bonding […]

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Rubber Stamps have an interesting history for those who don’t know that they might have been inspired by dentures. Yes, it’s true: dental dentures!  But first, some background, as Charles Goodyear had to discover the process behind vulcanization.  This is the process of “curing” rubber such that it can be molded as needed.  Before Mr. […]

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In contrast with other traditional forms of knitting, spool knitting relies on the use of a spool and four nails for the creation of an initial fabric pattern. Owing to the very simple structure of the elements required, spool knitting has long been part of educational practices specific to crafts classes. Thus, this way of […]

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