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A hobby is a pleasant activity which people love to do in spare time. It is delightful and gives full satisfaction. It is just a fun time activity for some one and complete devotion for others. If you concentrate your full time in practising a hobby, it makes you perfect in that field. It enhances […]

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In contrast with other traditional forms of knitting, spool knitting relies on the use of a spool and four nails for the creation of an initial fabric pattern. Owing to the very simple structure of the elements required, spool knitting has long been part of educational practices specific to crafts classes. Thus, this way of […]

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If not kept in pace with the fashion trends, knitting can easily become a wasted skill. Presently, the Internet offers the easiest to access and richest source of free knitting patterns and projects for a great diversity of items other than clothing, not to mention the choice flexibility for age and gender categories too. You […]

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