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Genealogy is an absorbing hobby. Watching the show “Who Do You Think You Are” is like getting a history lesson. It’s full of the joys and sorrows faced by families throughout history. And it highlights celebrity’s ancestors in a way that makes you want to watch it more and more. I was reading a blog […]

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Rubber Stamps have an interesting history for those who don’t know that they might have been inspired by dentures. Yes, it’s true: dental dentures!  But first, some background, as Charles Goodyear had to discover the process behind vulcanization.  This is the process of “curing” rubber such that it can be molded as needed.  Before Mr. […]

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  You might be surprised with this but it is absolutely true. Coin collecting is now a very popular hobby. Even those stamp collectors are turning their heads in learning how to collect coins. How to collect them? Isn’t that very exaggerating? Not so. You see, when you collect coins, you collect different kinds of […]

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